Multiband Loaded Coil Vertical Antenna

Application Amateur Radio
Project NameMultiband Loaded Coil Vertical Antenna 60m / 40m / 30m / 20m
Project Version1.0
Parts neededAs per Materials List in the PDF file
Date Last Revised1st September 2021
Changes MadeHeavily documented and added additional content to original Youtube Video
Learning OutcomesTo build a Multiband Vertical Antenna with loaded coil and radials
Document FormatDownloadable PDF (Button and the end of this page)

First of all, Tommy SA2CLC has done a great job of creating his design of the coil former and providing the details of his Antenna build.

Actually, what it provides is not just another Antenna design to try (and it does that), but it gives you an opportunity to learn a particular area of Antenna Design. From this design, you can learn about

  • Vertical Antenna’s
  • Loaded Coil Antenna’s
  • Radials and their impact on Shortened Antenna’s
  • Inductance
  • Loaded Coil vs Antenna Tuner

And if this antenna does not suit you, or you have learnt its limits, almost everything is reusable. Your Telescopic pole could be the other end of your dipole, or it becomes the basis of your inverted V. The coil may be able to be used on another design, just work out what inductance you need, confirm the windings, and the radius, there is a good chance it can be re-used.

That’s what Amateur radio is all about. Designing, building, modifying, learning. Yes, it’s great to buy things off the shelf, my HF radio is off the shelf, but just about everything else is home brew, which includes a QRP antenna tuner, 1W CW Transmitted, 3W CW Transmitter, all of my Antenna’s. It is that learning that stays with you for life. I know after being out of Amateur radio for 30+ years, got back into it and no word of a lie, everything I learnt back then, just comes flooding back.

Now, Tommy provided everything need to build his Antenna when you piece together information from his Youtube Video, his design description page on Thingiverse, and finally his comments below his Youtube video. However, I do recognise each of us is different, and some prefer it laid out easy to follow, while others enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Regardless, they are enjoying building and trying something new, learning something new. So hopefully these instructions will help you in your learning.

Multiband Vertical Antenna
Multiband Vertical Antenna

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2 thoughts on “Multiband Loaded Coil Vertical Antenna

  1. Thanks, nice writeup 🙂
    I’m almost always too lazy to take the time to do proper write-ups on things I build.
    //Tommy, SA2CLC

    1. Tommy,

      Thanks for the drive past. The work you did on the coil design and the quick run through on your youtube video was perfect enough. At the present time, I don’t have the skills on CAD design, so the work you did was perfect, ready for printing, and needless to say, it has become my primary vertical antenna at home, and I need to build another for SOTA work (just waiting for the poles to come back in stock)

      As for the write up, it’s always good to have someone to take it through a fresh run and prepare the documentation.

      Again kudos for your work and your willingness to share with others.

      Bob (VK1ERF)

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