Digital Electronics

One of the most common problems I have seen and this occurs with Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers is in the excitement to play with the new toy, they skim over the basics without really getting to know the instrument (in this case a logic analyzer) in a “controlled” environment.

Hopefully in the tutorials we will provide a series of simple (as possible) pieces of code and matching instructions of how to set it up.

With the Python code, you will notice that 95% of the code is remarked. It is a little over the top, however, if you are new to Python or C, this will make it easier to understand, and again allow your focus to be on the Logic Analyzer or Oscilloscope, and allow you to make quick changes to the code with confidence.

When you go through these tutorials, try to put some time aside to progress your understanding and knowledge, and to this end I have added additonal comments and other tasks that you should undertake that will heighten your understanding and enrich your knowledge.