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Replacing the Arduino IDE with VS Code & PlatformIO

Tried of the Arduino IDE. Need to step up a level and look for efficiencies with a more professional approach then contemplate VS Code with...

G90 – XGGComms Digimode-4 vs Xiegu CE-19

Are there enough advantages of the DIgmode-4 over the CE-19. Is the additional cost worth it

Multiband Loaded Coil Vertical Antenna

Application Amateur Radio Project Name Multiband Loaded Coil Vertical Antenna 60m / 40m / 30m / 20m Project Version 1.0 Parts needed As per Materials...

Xiegu G90, CE-19 & Cabling

Going Digital with the Xiegu G90 and the CE-19. What else do you need, including software.


Xiegu G90 and how to use FT8. Discussion software to use, and also whether additional sound cards are needed.

Xiegu G90 & Digital Modes

Series of articles on how to use the Xiegu G90 with Digital modes. Best place is start with this article first.

Xiegu G90 & the CAT Cable

Implementing CAT control on your G90 and how to build a cable if you cant find yours.

Winding Toroids

Information on Winding Toroids and working with Enamelled Wire and coatings used

QRP 1-30Mhz Antenna Tuner

Application Amateur Radio Kit Name QRP Manual Days Antenna Tune Tuner DIY Kit 1-30Mhz Kit Version Kit does not have version numbers (even though it...

What is a GPIO

The simple answer to this is General Purpose Input/Output. A more technical answer is given by Wikipedia which is “A general-purpose input/output (GPIO) is an uncommitted digital...