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Libraries – What are they?

In this tutorial we are going to discuss Libraries. If you are reasonably new to coding, you may or may not have come across libraries.

RPi – GPIO Overview

This has been one of the continual strong points of the Raspberry Pi and it is this flexibility in redefining its I/O is why the...

Selecting an Oscilloscope

So you want to get an Oscilloscope….the main thing is to understand why. Now I will say it, if you are wanting to spend your...

RPi – UART Tutorial

Tutorial on using the UART interface on the Raspberry Pi and analysis with a Logic Analyzer

RPi – 1Wire Tutorial

Understanding 1-Wire Protocol and how to use a Logic Analyzer

Selecting a Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzers are a useful tool in your kit for analysis and decoding of signals particularly for working with Raspberry Pi and Arduino based (or...

GPIO I/O Clock Speed

This is an important consideration when selecting a Logic Analyzer or an Oscilloscope. We are not talking about a single factor here, but some of...

RPi – PWM Tutorial

Hardware Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2Gb) Operating System Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) Language Python 3 RPi.GPIO Revision 3 GPIO Interace GPIO18 Linux Device N/A...

Tips and Tricks – General

Commenting (remarking) your code is now more important than ever with constant changes in hardware and software

Setup your Lab

One of the most important things in almost anything we do is preparation, and this extends to to your work area and equipment. When I...