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RPi – I2C Tutorial

Tutorial on using the i2c interface on the Raspberry Pi and an LCD1602 LCD Display and analysis with a Logic Analyzer

Libraries – What are they?

In this tutorial we are going to discuss Libraries. If you are reasonably new to coding, you may or may not have come across libraries.

RPi – GPIO Overview

This has been one of the continual strong points of the Raspberry Pi and it is this flexibility in redefining its I/O is why the...

Selecting an Oscilloscope

So you want to get an Oscilloscope….the main thing is to understand why. Now I will say it, if you are wanting to spend your...

RPi – UART Tutorial

Tutorial on using the UART interface on the Raspberry Pi and analysis with a Logic Analyzer

RPi – 1Wire Tutorial

Understanding 1-Wire Protocol and how to use a Logic Analyzer

Selecting a Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzers are a useful tool in your kit for analysis and decoding of signals particularly for working with Raspberry Pi and Arduino based (or...

GPIO I/O Clock Speed

This is an important consideration when selecting a Logic Analyzer or an Oscilloscope. We are not talking about a single factor here, but some of...

RPi – PWM Tutorial

Hardware Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2Gb) Operating System Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) Language Python 3 RPi.GPIO Revision 3 GPIO Interace GPIO18 Linux Device N/A...

Tips and Tricks – General

Commenting (remarking) your code is now more important than ever with constant changes in hardware and software